June 2019 Core Update, Mobile-First Indexing, New Mobile SERPs, and More!

In the course of the year 2019, we have seen a number of significant updates from Google’s ever-changing algorithms, products, technologies, and services. In fact, just recently, Google has announced a series of other important updates namely, broad core algorithm update, an updated design for the mobile SERPs, perhaps the food ordering in search results (you may have missed this?), custom templates in the Google tag manager, plus the plan to enable the mobile-first indexing for all new websites.

There is hope to new websites, after all! So what does this mean for marketing companies dealing with video production?

Moving further, this article will talk more about the beloved search engine that most of us love to hate–Google.

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On June 3rd at 1 PM EST – that was a Monday, Google took to Twitter and shared they will be rolling out a broad core algorithm update on all data centers. But the day before that, they have already made an announcement about the upcoming release of the several broad core algorithm updates, which they usually release on a yearly basis.

Here is one thing every user or marketer should note, the broad core algorithm updates do not require any corrective measures from the user’s end. They particularly mentioned last October 2017 that there is nothing particular to ‘fix’ in order to prevent web and content owners to mistakenly change things that were not considered issues. Although, this doesn’t apply only to just contents, but the overall site even those sites with video production and presentation videos.

Mobile-first Indexing for New Sites

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Google’s Webmaster Trend Analyst, John Mueller, recently made an announcement that by July 1, 2019 the search engine will enable the mobile-first indexing for all new websites as its default feature. They noticed that in new websites, they are seeing the same content that are being displayed on both mobile and desktop devices. So for those with new sites, make sure to update your website and check for mobile-first indexing via the URL Inspection Tool in the Search Console.

Furthermore, Google is going to keep monitoring and evaluate the pages of older sites to check their readiness on their mobile-first indexing. Now you might be wondering how will one know. Google notifies the owner via the Search Console.

New Design on Mobile SERPs

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Another new update from Google is revamping its design for mobile search result pages. With that said, the website’s branding will be front and center to help users better understand where the information is coming from and what pages have the information users are looking for.

So the new design concentrates on the website’s branding and attributing information back to where the information came from.

Breakdown of the Changes:

  • Name of the website and favicon appears at the top of the search results card
  • The URL of the search ad will appear at the top search ad results card just alongside the ‘Ad’ icon

Here is the current and the upcoming search results page that Google has shared:

In addition, Google declared that as everyone continues to make new content formats and useful actions available with this new design that allows us to add more action buttons and provide helpful previews to the search result cards; at the same time giving us a better sense of the web page’s content with a clear attribution back to the source.

Online Food Ordering with Google

Did you ever notice that Google has made it possible or is that it enabled the users to order food using Google search, Maps, and Assistant? I am sure you are stranger to doing a food search. Some restaurants have made use of this feature from Google and you can see an option saying “Order Online” in the search results and maps.

Some would take advantage of the voice search and use the Assistant to order saying. “Hey Google, order food from [Restaurant Name]”.

There are so many features and icons associated with Google searches these days. But, what is this about Google penalizing favicon?

Google Penalizing the Favicon

What? Really? This may have caused you to raise an eyebrow. This may have made you take a second look. The new mobile design from Google came with a favicon feature to help businesses and brands improve their branding in the Google SERPs, but there are many that misuse this feature and implement it in the wrong way.

Google has stated penalizing the users by taking out the custom favicons and replacing them with a default icon. However, this is yet to be confirmed and to find out if it really affects the SEO rankings of the site.

There are so many features and new updates in the course of a few months. Sometimes the Google algorithm updates outrage some businesses – like the previous year, however, the best advice is to focus on Google’s core updates, create a content that is high-quality and focus on its search intent in your industry. You can read into the article further from SEMRUSH here.


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