Christianity, Genesis and Geology – the Bible’s Mystery of the Void and the Darkness

“For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.”
(2 Peter 3:5-7 KJV)

Rightly-Dividing the word of Truth

Illustration from “Dispensational Truth” by Clarence Larkin circa 1918 – Colorized and red numbers added by this website

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
(John 8:32 KJV)

Part I – Genesis and Regeneration

Four Creations Introduction: The Four (4) “Creations” – In the Holy Bible, there are four distinct and separate “Creations” of the heaven and the Earth (Biblically defined, as such), and four distinct “Worlds” corresponding to those times that span from Genesis to Revelation.
Gap Diagram The “Gap Theory” – Overview and history of the Genesis Gap Doctrine. The scriptural and doctrinal evidence that authenticates the Ruin-Reconstruction interpretation of Old-Earth Creationism and why the literal wording of the King James Bible can be fully trusted to rightly-divide the Biblical text and interpretation of Geologic observations.
Zircon The Ancient Earth and the Angels – A brief introduction to the identity of the ancient Earth’s first inhabitants, the sons of God.
Caveman on computer Satan, Sin & Death in Deep-Time – the Ancient Origin of Satan, a.k.a. Lucifer – His initial purpose and office was that of stewardship over the ancient Earth and the “sons of God” who were the old world’s first inhabitants. How death initially came upon all creation by the Angelic Rebellion (fall of the “Anointed Cherub”) when Lucifer’s sin (committed long before the world of Adam) led to the eventual destruction of the so-called “Pre-Adamite world”.
Word Earth The “Worlds” and the “Earth” – Discussion of the Biblical meanings between the words “World” and “Earth” in relation to the interpretation of the ages of geologic history and spiritual history, as revealed by the Scriptures.
Lord Creating Catabolism and Regeneration – The seven days of Genesis were not the original creation of the heavens and Earth. It was a regeneration event and a process the Greek Scriptures refer to as: “katabole”
Firmament The Firmament, Third Heaven, and Structure of All Things Biblical – An essay explaining the meaning of the firmament, the Three-Heavens structure of all things, and elaboration on the “sea” which the Bible says is above the universe and before the throne of God. This is an extremely important concept for understanding the division of the waters below and above the firmament in Genesis 1:7 and why there is “no more sea” to be found in Revelation 21:1. Also discussed is the three-part structural recurring theme revealed in the design of Noah’s Ark, Moses’ Tabernacle, and Solomon’s Temple.
Sun and Earth The 4th Day of Genesis – Paradox of the Sun and Stars – “Creation Science” proponents claim that the sun and stars were first “created” on the 4th Day of Genesis, only about 6,000 years ago. The Genesis Gap Doctrine reveals that the sun and stars were very ancient but eventually went dark about 12,000 years ago, then were regenerated on the 4th day during the seven days of the Genesis account’s regeneration of the heavens and Earth.
Dinosaur Observations of Geologic Evidence for the Death of the Ancient World – The final death of the Ancient world, the evidence. An outline of published works in Victorian literature documenting evidence of a catastrophic extinction episode in the late Pleistocene and how it relates to the waters, darkness and destruction of the old world (as found at Genesis 1:2) before the seven days of regeneration in Genesis and the creation of true man.
Man ice fishing Life Forms Just Before End of Ice Age and After Seven Days of Genesis – Discussion of life forms on the earth in the world prior to the seven days of Genesis and the type of life forms placed on earth at the regeneration of Genesis 1:3-2:1. Also showing that man was created unique and has no evolutionary or DNA links to Pre-Adamite races of “humanoids” which inhabited the old world.

Part II – Science and Scripture

Debate The Great Debate – Discussion of the respective domains of Science and Theology and the Vanity of the Ongoing Creation vs. Evolution Debate.
Sevens The Sevens of the Bible in Time and Nature – Discourse on the law of sevens of the Holy Bible. How the seven days of Genesis and the seven thousand years of past and future human history are a harmony of Spiritual revelation. Also examples of the pattern of sevens in nature.

Part III – Lost Rivers of Eden

Biker The Lost Rivers of the Garden of Eden – Although the modern-day geology and topography of the Middle-East does not readily reveal the exact location of the Garden of Eden and the four rivers, guidance by faith from the Holy Bible and a forensic study of the region’s geology reveals the matter.

Part IV – Noah’s Flood

Geyser The “Fountains of the Deep” of Noah’s Flood – The geophysics of Noah’s flood. A model of the Biblical “fountains of the deep” and the “windows of heaven” and the geologic process that could produce a global flood and leave behind little evidence.
Windows More on the ‘Windows of Heaven’ of Noah’s Flood – A theory on why the life spans of antediluvian mankind were greater than that of modern man and the atmospheric considerations involved.
Measuring The Days of Peleg and Historical Changes in Sea Level – How the descendants of the three sons of Noah migrated to other parts of the world, the event of the “days of Peleg” 101 years after the great flood, and what part this played in the migration and isolation of the races and animals. Also discussed is evidence for sea level changes before and after Noah’s flood.
Animals on Ark Sedimentary Rocks, Fossils NOT Produced by Noah’s Flood – Discussion showing that Noah’s flood, although a real and global event, could not have possibly produced all the sedimentary rocks and fossils in the earth. We also explain the reason why no direct evidence of the great flood remained.
Cold Man Paleoclimate Indicators and Collapse of Civilizations All Correlate to Date of Noah’s Flood – Paleoclimate indicators show changes in global temperatures occur at intervals matching the literal Biblical time line of events (i.e., destruction of the previous world, the re-creation, Noah’s flood, and the days of Peleg). Ice Sheet data disprove all “Creation Science” catastrophic flood models of mountain building, volcanic activity, and tectonic uplift during the single year of Noah’s flood. Data from the Mount Kilimanjaro and Huascaran glaciers, along with sediments of Sea of Oman, reveal evidence of post-flood drought and global weather pattern change.

Part V – Rightly-Divided Theology

King The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God; the Doctrinal Difference – Explanation of why the “Kingdom of Heaven” is a reference to a literal future Kingdom on the earth, and how that term differs in meaning from the “Kingdom of God” in doctrinal context. The future of Israel in prophecy is also outlined.
The links Who and What are the Angels? – Do Angels have DNA? (And other questions).
timeline The Biblical Story Timeline – From the initial creation of the heaven and Earth (Genesis 1:) to the creation of the new heaven and Earth (Revelation 21:1), here is the chronological timeline detailing the past, present and future milestones of Biblical Chronology.
Nut Bible Doctrine – The Hard Nuts to Crack – An on-going Doctrine Seminary series of discussions that deal with some very difficult topics. These include the major Doctrines of the Christian faith and a comprehensive study of the Doctrines of Grace.
Doctor and patient The Relationship of Flesh and Spirit; Physical Things vs. Spiritual Things – Contrasts the physical and spiritual realms of reality and Biblical doctrine. The relationship between flesh and spirit. Explains the operation of God and the three-part nature of man, what happens when you become saved, and how a born-again Christian cannot lose their salvation or commit the unpardonable sin.

Part VI – Prophecy

dead fish The Dead Sea Geology and End Times Prophecy – Faults and tectonic features of the Middle East, sources of future great earthquakes to come and volcanic activity prophesied near Dead Sea area in Israel during the end times.
Scrool The Book of Daniel is Unsealing – Focus on the Middle East and Prophecy – On this page we move away from the geological and creation issues and turn our attention of focus to the future of our present world and the great period of tribulation that will soon descend upon this present world of fallen Mankind. What comes next according to the End Times visions of Daniel?

Part VII – Research Resources

Bible Time Line Importance of the Exact English Wording of the KJV Bible – Why the King James Bible is still a trustworthy English translation today and an authority for sound doctrine and rightly-dividing the words of truth. Applying the “Rule of First Mention” of Bible interpretation.
Bible and Light The King James Bible – An easy to read online version with large print on a soft color background. It features a pictorial main index and each book has a chapter index with individual listings of chapter content. Each chapter has 4-way ‘sticky’ navigation that constantly remains on screen when scrolling. This KJV Bible is optimized for viewing on smartphones, tablets or desktop terminals.
Gap Portal Featured Research Links – Featured links to other Internet pages with studies and materials concerning the Genesis Gap Doctrine (“Gap Theory”) at our Genesis Gap Portal site.


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