Creation & Evolution

Abelson’s Hypothesis

    Abelson’s Hypothesis tells us that the genesis of the primitive atmosphere was the result of out-gassing. I concur with the hypothesis that there is no geo-chemical evidence for a primitive methane-ammonia atmosphere and that there is much evidence against…

Abiogenesis: The Origin of Life

How Did Life Begin? Abelson’s Hypothesis By Mark Stewart PowerPoint Files The Origin of Life: Evidence of Creation by Mike Riddle The Miracle of Life by Chris Ashcraft Videos The Miracle of Life by Chris Ashcraft Creationist Links Charles Darwin…

Creation or Evolution Does It Matter Now?

By Mike RiddleT his 170 page manual is probably Mike’s most popular lesson plan. Designed to be taught as a ten session course, this guide is perfect for a Sunday school or home school course, or simply a personal study….